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800K eject motor failure

The eject motor of one of my 800k disk drives is broken. This mototr pulls the eject mechanism to the back and the disk will come out. Without the engine the disk is kept in the device and you have to get it out with a paperclip in the small hole in the front.

One of the small plastic gear wheels is broken. I have replaced the total motor of one of my spare drives, but I would like to repair it.  Did one of the members of the forum this before? Where to buy these kind of small parts? I tried in a shop with model trains, but no luck.

Here are some pictures so you know wheer I am talking about.



The disk unit with the motor. You have to remove the two screws (green) and d you can remove the motor. Don’t forget to remove the small connector too.



Here you see two motors. The top one is OK and the bottom one is the one which is broken. I’m missing the most right gear wheel. This one has two wheels. A smaller and a bigger in one wheel.



Remove these three screws to open the motor.



A major break true came in december 2014. I got an email  It was short, but very clear:

Subject: Mac Floppy gear replacement parts

Saw your post…
I had the same issue. I created complete gear sets here:


Gear for Macintosh 512k Vintage Floppy Drive eject

This is a set of 4 identical replacement gears for Apple Macintosh 512k 400k/800k floppy drives EJECT MOTOR.

This is to replace the smallest gear of the eject motor, which typically goes brittle and breaks after several years of use. The original gears can no longer be found, and these 3D printed replicas are an exact match. These replicas are made of strong ultra-detail plastic. These have been tested and work great.

You may need to (manually!) use a 5/64″ drill bit to widen the orifice ever so slightly and make a perfect fit.

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