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Macintosh 512K in carrying bag


A perfect catch this week! A 512K, unmodified. In an Apple carrying bag and with a Macintosh External Disk Drive (M0130). Serial C54011PM0001WP

Unfortunatly the Mac inner drive was totally stuck. There was a disk in it and even pushing with a paperclip did do the trick….
I removed the drive and de-greased it and lubricated it again with Teflon very little spray. There was more movement in the drive but not really like it should. I degreased it even more and added some more Teflon. Then I heated the metal parts with a hair dryer…now the movement was OK.

The disk stuck in the drive was an official Mac System disk. System 2.0 and Finder 4.1, English 8690-5003-C
The external drive was working but had to be cleaned and lubricated again too.

A real bonus is the carrying bag. Complete with Apple logo and original address label with on the back in red Macintosh.



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