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Today I acquired a Lisa 2. Well….not really one you can plugin and startup.
It is more a former Lisa. A deciced Lisa….Just everything what could be removed is out. So not much as the monitor is left. I have some questions.

– How realistic is it to get this one back alive. What am I missing. Obvious the CPU board, video board, power suply, floppy drive….Am I missing more?
– Can you tell from the information on the serial number when it is produced? I see Manufactured 3244. Does that mean 1983, 24 week, 4th day?
– What is the information about the model (Model number A6S0300P Memory Option A6S0304 )
– If not possible to it possible to connect the monitor to any kind of more modern Mac? Like a Plus or a Macintosh II?

Some pictures and the serial sticker.

Model number A6S0300P Memory Option A6S0304



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